An introduction to Dutch Oven Delights with bonus Mountain Man Breakfast recipe

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hello Dutch oven enthusiasts and soon-to-be Dutch oven enthusiasts!

We are committed to providing you excellent resources to prepare for Grange Revival and beyond. As part, we will be sharing a monthly Dutch Oven Delights recipe with information about how to get started and enjoy these wonderfully rustic treats.

This monthly feature is intended for those who have a Dutch oven and aren’t quite sure how to go about getting started using it. We also hope to pique the interest of many of you who don’t own a Dutch oven and entice you to join the Dutch oven cooking community.

There is something magical about meals from Dutch ovens – they just taste better! For us, the main attraction to Dutch oven cooking is the camaraderie and slower pace as you sit and share time with each other while the magic happens inside the ovens!

Read the following basics about Dutch oven cooking, then prepare to enjoy our first featured recipe, our all-time favorite breakfast dish: The Mountain Man.

Pro Tip

Use a liner! Liners can be parchment paper (our preference) or aluminum. Liners are inexpensive and make clean up quick and easy (our preference as well).


Briquette Starter Chimney; Tongs

You can find a new briquette starter chimney for $20 or less on-line or at most stores that carry camping gear. The starter chimney makes briquette management much easier, especially if there is a breeze.

Also get yourself a set of long-handled, heat-resistant tongs to move the hot briquettes around as needed – nothing fancy.

How to

Briquette to Temperature Conversion Chart

RECIPE: Mountain Man Breakfast

A reason to wake up early, this classic is sure to delight every camper in your party!

What you'd need

12” Dutch oven

35-45 minutes cooking time

14 top & 10 bottom briquettes

Preheat Dutch oven over bottom briquettes. Add liner and brown one-half pound bacon, cut into small pieces (ground sausage also works well). Remove bacon/sausage and drain on a paper towel. Add one (1) medium onion, chopped, to the grease and cook until clear. Remove onions and drain. Wipe excess grease out of the lined Dutch oven and place back over hot briquettes.

Stir in one (1) 32-oz. bag of hash brown potatoes (we like shredded best) and cook until golden brown, then mix the bacon/sausage and onion back in.

Break twelve (12) eggs in a bowl and whisk. Pour eggs into Dutch oven, cover with lid (add briquettes to top) and cook until eggs are almost solid.

When eggs are almost solid sprinkle with 1 to 1-1/2 cups of grated cheddar or pepperjack cheese and continue cooking until eggs are set and cheese melts.

Serve with your favorite salsa (or ketchup) and sour cream.


Want to download this and print? CLICK HERE for the one page document.

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