Detour Destination: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is indeed a place of and for reflection. It is worth the time to research, or to refresh your memory of, the actions which led to the June 25-26, 1876 conflict between the forces of the U.S. Army and the warriors of the Lakota Sioux, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes. The actions of the U.S. Government in dealing with the many Indian tribes during the country’s expansion are not the basis of pride. If faced with the same situation as the tribes of having to protect family and our way of life, even our very existence, I know I would be all in to do the same.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Park


756 Battlefield Tour Road, Crow Agency, Montana 59022


Daily; 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


$25 for non-commercial vehicles. FREE with an America the Beautiful pass.

Why Stop

  • History

Brief Background

The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument memorializes the June 25-26, 1876 clash between the U.S. Army’s 7th Cavalry led by Lt. Colonel George A. Custer and the Cheyennes and Lakotas led by Crazy Horse among others in one of the Indian’s last armed efforts to preserve their way of life. Tensions between the U.S. government and the Lakota escalated in 1874 when an exploration of the Black Hills within the Great Sioux Reservation discovered deposits of gold and caused an invasion of the area in direct violation of the Treaty of 1868. Bring your National Parks Passport to collect the stamp at the Visitor’s Center.

Learn More

Check it out in advance at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument website.

Download the 1-page PDF about Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument with information and address.

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